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  • Common faults of injection molding machines

    Both imported and domestic injection molding machines have the following characteristics: large investment in fixed assets, large production scale, large consumption of raw materials, high labor productivity, and large output value. It is a form of production organization with high labor efficiency...

  • Injection molding process

    Filling Stage Filling is the second step in the entire injection molding cycle. The time starts from the time the mold is closed and the injection is started until the mold cavity is filled to about 95%. In theory, the shorter the filling time, the higher the molding efficiency, but in practice, the..

  • The effect of temperature on injection molding

    The effect of temperature on injection molding Mold temperature is an important variable in injection molding - no matter what kind of plastic is injected, it must be ensured that the surface of the mold is basically wet. A hot mold surface keeps the plastic surface liquid long enough to build press..

  • Correct operation steps of vertical injection molding machine

    Before starting the machine, prepare to check whether each lubricating part is fully lubricated; check whether the oil pump has abnormal noise; carefully install and fasten the mold, pay attention to ensure safety when the upper and lower molds are used; adjust the pressure of each section; set the ..

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