Correct operation steps of vertical injection molding machine

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Preparation before starting

Check whether each lubricating part is fully lubricated; check whether the oil pump has abnormal noise; carefully install and fasten the mold, pay attention to ensure safety when the upper and lower molds are used; adjust the pressure of each section; set the temperature of each section

Manual operation and adjustment

Use manual operation to adjust the position of each switch and ensure the safety performance of the mold.

Set the "Manual" button of the electric control panel to ON, when the machine is operated manually, the action buttons on the electric control panel can only act when the button is pressed (ON), and each action disappears when the hand is released.

Adjusting the mold: firstly adjust the travel block of the high-voltage proximity switch for closing the mold to the low point, then install the mold in the center between the upper and lower molds, and then press the "adjustment" (extract) button on the electric control operation panel. At this time, the upper mold plate starts to close the mold at low pressure and slow speed. After the mold is closed and tightly closed, adjust the block of the close mold close high pressure switch to the high pressure position. At this time, when the manual "close mold" button is pressed, the close The high pressure gauge is high pressure.

Closing the mold: In semi-automatic mode, press and hold the two "Auto Start" buttons on the operating table with both hands. At this time, the machine closes the mold. At the beginning, the mold closes quickly. Slowly travel to close the mold until the mold is closed. High-voltage mold clamping is produced when the block of the mold-closing high-voltage proximity switch is touched.

Seating: It is used when the mold is adjusted to align with the mold, that is, it is used to control the advance of the nozzle cylinder table.

Seat retreat: It is used when the mold is adjusted to align with the mold, that is, it is used to control the retreat of the nozzle and cylinder seat.

Injection: According to the product material, shape, size, adjust the injection pressure, keep the pressure and the injection time and position, press the "Injection" button to make the injection. (Note: The injection molding can only be carried out when the temperature reaches the set value).

Screw feeding: After pressing the "feeding" button, the screw rotates and the rubber material is stirred, kneaded and compressed, and the screw is thus raised (the speed of rise is determined by the adjustment of the back pressure regulating valve). Stop, the size of the feeding stroke depends on the amount of glue required by the product.

Releasing and retreating: 1) Press the "Releasing and Retracting" button when using manual operation, and the screw moves up, and the ejection and retreat action can be performed. 2) When using the semi-start, the loosening action is mainly to pull the screw up a distance after the automatic feeding is completed (this distance is determined by the loosening time). The purpose of this action is to prevent the rubber from being compressed during feeding. The expansion caused by the heat shrinkage of the feeding material overflows at the mouth of the barrel (that is, the funnel), blocking the sprue of the mold, and it is impossible to inject the rubber material into the feeding port of the mold again.

Ejection: Press the "Top" button, and the product will be ejected immediately. In semi-automatic mode, the extension time before and after ejection can be adjusted to determine the ejection height.

Ejector and retreat: Press the "Ejector Down" button, the thimble will automatically return to the original position, and the time of ejection and retreat can be adjusted to determine the time of the ejector's retreat and stop.

Number of ejector pins: Set the number of ejector pins in semi-automatic mode to determine the number of ejector pins.

Shutdown: Turn off the switch on the control panel, turn off the main power, and clean up the sundries on the machine.


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