How to prevent the glue from condensing when the automatic window sticking machine stops?

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In order to prevent the glue on the glue roller and the glue transfer roller from agglomerating when the automatic window sticking machine stops, the glue roller is equipped with a motor. When the main machine stops, the motor drives the glue roller and the glue transfer roller to continue to roll, depending on the shape of the processed paper. Select the position of the paper feed belt, loosen the tensioner of the paper feed belt, move the paper feed belt to the desired position and fix it, loosen the star handle on the roller frame, and move the platen roller on the roller frame to make the transport roller Once aligned with the platen roller, tighten the star handle.

When the film-coated paper products of the automatic window sticking machine use the paper pusher gauges on the two conveying chains to push the paper products together, or when the two paper pusher gauges are required in sequence, the screws on the sprocket can be loosened, and the chain can be pulled by hand. The sprocket of the empty sleeve rotates idly on the automatic shaft, which can drive the paper push stop gauge on the chain to move forward and backward, so that the stop gauge is adjusted to the appropriate position to push the jammed paper, and then the screw is locked.

Loosen the two star-shaped handle screws, and roll the left and right handles of the small wall panel together on the two inner sides of the automatic window sticker to adjust the gap between the glue transfer roller and the glue roller. The amount of glue is small, otherwise the handle rolls down, and the amount of glue is large. After adjusting to the appropriate amount of glue, tighten the star-shaped handle screw.

The conveying of paper products at the gluing and filming stations is conveyed by eleven flat belts with holes of the automatic window sticking machine, and the suction pump generates negative pressure to absorb the jammed paper on the moving conveyance through the small holes on the flat belt. belt so that the jammed paper enters the gluing area with the correct orientation.

The glue roller transmits the glue to the glue transfer roller, and the glue transfer roller applies the glue to the rubber strip of the plate. When a paper product is transported to the plate roller for gluing, the two electromagnetic coils on the inner side of the left and right wall panels The suction iron drives the lever to force the suction and paper platen to rise, and rolls the glue on the rubber strip through the roller to correctly apply pressure to the window of the paper product.


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